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CreditorWatch Business Risk Index March Results 2022
April 13th, 11:30am - 12:15pm (AEST)
Patrick Coghlan,
CEO, CreditorWatch
James O'Donnell,
Data Analyst
Anneke Thompson,
Chief Economist, CreditorWatch

CreditorWatch maintains its view that the economic outlook for Australia will continue to be bumpy one. According to Chief Economist Anneke Thompson, this is due to multiple impacts including COVID-related supply chain disruptions, increasing inflation, impending interest rate rises, labour shortages, fuel price rises and the impact of the east-coast floods.

B2B trade payment defaults and court actions continued to rise in March, signalling an increase in business insolvencies in the short to medium term. However, Australian business activity may be finally showing some green shoots around recovery, with B2B trade activity increasing for a second month in a row – now up 55 per cent on its January low (but still down 35 percent year-on-year).

Please join CreditorWatch CEO, Patrick Coghlan, data analyst James O’Donnell and economist Anneke Thompson as they unveil the key insights for CreditorWatch March Business Risk Index.

CreditorWatch’s Business Risk Index

  • Current economic uncertainties and business risks
  • Importance of ongoing monitoring
  • Benefits of CreditorWatch’s monitoring and alerts
  • The power of CreditorWatch’s unique and comprehensive data
  • Types of alerts you will receive
  • Who to monitor? (Hint: Not just your customers)
  • How to set up your watch list

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