PPSR: A comprehensive guide

The PPSR is essential knowledge for Australian wholesalers and anyone hiring out or selling goods on credit terms.

Gain expert insights into the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) and why it’s a necessary part of doing business in Australia.

Our free eBook challenges the misconception that the PPSR is too complicated to understand or use.Learn what kind of property you can register, what you need to do to register and the common mistakes to avoid in one digital guide.

You’ll also discover how CreditorWatch can help you create, manage and renew your registrations with PPSRLogic.

What the eBook covers:

  • A Brief Introduction to PPSR and Terminology
  • Common Industries Affected by the PPSA
  • When to Register Checklist
  • Registration Periods
  • Why is PPSR Essential?
  • Importance of Getting It Right – Key Tips
  • Common Mistakes
  • What to Do If Your Customer is a Corporate Trustee of a Trust?
  • What Do I Need to Register?
  • Compliance with the PPSA is a Win for Suppliers
  • Case Studies We Can Learn From
  • Introducing PPSRLogic
  • PPSR Logic Testimonials
  • How Can CreditorWatch Help with Your PPSR Needs